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General: SINDY: World Winner and BOB!!! We are dreaming...

WW Multi CH KUMATA’S SINDY CHOCOLATE DE CIJARA wins BOB in the World Dog Show in Milano.
Multi Bis Muti CH RAISIN DE CIJARA Exc3 in champion class
CHJ CIJARA NATAN Exc1 RCAC from intermediate clas with only 15 months old!

We have no words, we only have big and indescribable emotions into our heart. An extraordinary world dog show with a great atmosphere in and out the ring, it was really amazing not only for the winning…many friends and great breeders complimented us with hugs and kisses in the show and from the distance…all this make us even happier.
In our deepest review Sindy was really fantastic and using some words from one of our friends, "she showed and moved as if she was in another world" Perfect team Alicia and Sindy!!
Thanks to Suzanne Timberman Bedell, Bonnie McMahon Howen and Edie Alford Thomas for breeding and looking after this special female. We love her with passion.
Thanks to our great friends and people in show who give us support with applause, words of encouragement and congratulations. Jose Iglesias, Gemma Arias , Fabrizio Calì , Renata Sutto Vitkova, Katerina Scheuflerovay, Jirí Vitula , Amanda Drake, Marcos Nieto, Judith Morella Camuñas, Garikoitz Azkue Vallejo , Santiago Rodriguez, Vincenzo Bompadre , Carmen Gonzalez Ruvizal , Ivan Calleja , Susanna Virtanen, Josefine Munke , Éva Molnár , Päivi Seppi , Carmen Navarro, Jose M. Ayllon Gonzalez , Eugeni Boix, Aomar Nuñez Aparicio, Mercedes Aparicio, Robin Haggard(Poker Flats), Bev Pfeiffer(Awanuna) ,our husky friends (Jose Carlos Karraces, Barbara Bernardos Lucía Fernández Fernández, Diego Nordic, Miquel Ferris Escofet, Mel Agredano Martin) and more people who I'm sure I forget sorry...
And thanks for the congratulations from the distance to Isabel Burgos, Javier Buson, Senay Usta,Camilla Brøgger, Sue Ellis, Tate Shrimpton, Gwennaëlle Guillaume, Lesley Sempley, Chaz Lockhart, Izabela Nawrocka, Leanne Breconfrost,Caroline Chauveau, Elaine Walker, Alaskan Martinez, Susana LLuna, Catrin Millen, Lidia Pozo Coronilla, Ekaterina Opyakina, Michaela Purnoch, Leonor Tangotara Siberians O'ffecan Fernando Soto, Antonio Gruyangaz Siberians, José R. García , Rosa Fernandez, Vanessa Gómez, Hugo Pereira, Pedro Ramos Gomez, Cheryl Gelbert more and more people, thanks!!


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