MBIS MBISS GCH CH Peace River's Gathers No Moss at Sunstra Silverice Lichen Standing Stone Silverice's The Bottom Line BIS/BISS/AM CH Sno Klassic In Your Face  
BIS, BISS, CH Atanik Silverice Hot Pants  
CH Sno Klassic Only On A Sundae ROM CH (US) Nanuke's Lockport Louie  
AM CH Aluk Blackbird's Song  
Peace River's All That and a Bag of Chips Am/Int/Nat CH Wencinja's Int'l Man Of Mystery Moonsnoe True Grit  
BISS Am/Can/Int CH Williwaw's Falling Star  
Peace River's She's All That BIS AM / CAN CH Taolan Traces of the Cat  
Peace River's A Chill A Minute  

CH. KUMATA WINDSTAR'S FIGHTER KOWA DE CIJARA CAN,AM GCH Mytuk's Technical Knock Out CAN/AM CH Mytuk's The Ring Master CAN/AM CH Mytuk's Mark My Dreams  
AM/CAN CH Adair'N'Hug Strutz for Mytuk  
AM/CAN CH TaolanQuest Conspiracy Theory BIS AM / CAN CH Taolan Traces of the Cat  
CH North Face Don't Tread on Me  
CH Kumata's Designer Label GCH Kasaan's Rise 'N Up To T' Fortune CH Terrapin Kasaan Look O Fortune  
CH Kumata'S On The Label CH Aluk's Building A Dream  
CH Wolfwind'Spretty In Pink